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Florida Keys Marine Habitat includes live coral reefs, a picturesque series of rocky islands thrown like a string of pearls between land's end and Key West. Each of them ringed by shallow grass flats, mangroves and finger channels. In addition, the Gulf Stream provides a warm climate. These conditions provide many fish with comfortable living conditions. The Marine Habitat that surrounds Key West includes a large variety of fish. In the List below you will find the most common fish that are found in Key West Waters. For more detailed information please click on the fish you are interested in.

Deep Sea Fish Wreck, Reef & Bottom Fish Backcountry & Flats Fish
Sailfish Barracuda Tarpon
Marlin Amberjack Permit
Wahoo Cobia Barracuda
Dolphin Shark Cobia
Tuna Grouper Redfish
Shark Snapper Snook
Kingfish   Bonefish
Fishing Season Fishing Season Fishing Season


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